Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Guest blog by De Wai

The little town of Brattleboro is always lost inside its own self --a great self by the way- and survives all kinds of transitions.
For humans this would be called something like frustrations, anxieties, fears... here it's transitions. One of these transitions was a big storm that hit the town and lasted 15 minutes. After the storm was still a transition that lasted longer then that. maybe a few more months.
Anonymous said on ibrattleboto.org.
“At just about 6pm, in case you missed it, a spectacular storm blew through town. It rumbles as I type. Strong winds, heavy rain, pebble-sized hail, and flash flooding and it was all over in about 15 minutes.”
The church, known as the church, looses its cross. The website of the town says in the saddest reporter tones: “The cross now sits on the corner of Main and Grove, and damage is visible to the steeple. Stonework litters the lawn.”
Now it is September. Transitioning into winter with cold and snow is the name of the present transition. I am sure the town will have more to tell but on the way there..there is a video. Brattstreet made by De Wai for you.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Apologies to all my readers for being away so long. I have moved since the last post, visited family, and started a new teaching job. All big exciting and wonderful changes.

More importantly I have found myself struggling and working to live and act out many of the beliefs and principles I have posted on this page. It is an exciting challenge, though at times overwhelming. What I have learned so far is that the struggle is a good thing. Everyday I teach, I run into new bumps, or find myself in different tangles. It is the process of exploring these bumps (which lie largely within myself), following the thread of the tangle that I am learning to put the ideas and principles into concrete actions or words, maybe even a certain state of mind.

My blogging silence has come from not having any of it figured out just yet, not having anything concrete to say - however, i was thinking about it this morning and the humility of struggle and not knowing can be a great antidote to the hubris that can come with books and theories standing alone without action. It is in praxis, the combination of action, thought and reflection, that we can really forge our beliefs. And i think that more often than not praxis is messy, and that is ok. it is better to wade into the mess waist deep than stand on the safe shores of our certainty. So i invite you to join me as I find my way through the swampy bog of the real world.....welcome to the bog blog!